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The Centre for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark

Looking for the real spirit of Kashubia you might want to visit the Centre for Education and Regional Promotion, which is where the very heart of Kashubia beats. Visiting the extensive centre we recommend to start at the Scout’s House, where you can hire the services of a guide. The wooden house had original been standing at a holiday resort in Wieżyca. Earmarked for demolition, it was carefully dissembled into about 700 parts and reconstructed at the centre. Your guide will certainly teach you some basic Kashubian with the “Kashubian Notes” – a rhyme written in a kind of picture alphabet that is said to have helped the Kashubs to maintain their national identity throughout the centuries. The table, burgeoning with food, as it has to be at a real Kashubian feast, will be itself a sight to behold. He will take you to the “Nobel Prize Winner’s Table”, named in honour of Lech Wałęsa. At a length of 35 m it can seat 230 revellers, making it the perfect choice for many local social events. The tabletop has been cut from a single piece of wood. It has been made from the leftovers from a world record breaking attempt that took place at the centre – the record for the longest wooden plank in the world. The 36.83 m long plank that made it into the Guinness Book of Records can be seen hanging on the wall in the same room. Further attractions of the centre include the Upside-Down House, that inspires reflection about the madness of modern life, and the Polish Snuff Museum – one of its kind in the country. There are many interesting cultural events organized at the centre throughout the year. In early summer, for instance, you can come here for a parade of horse-drawn carriages and carts or the Woodcutting Championship.

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SYBERIADA - Pociąg Donikąd w Szymbarku - nikt i nic go nie zatrzymało w czasie podróży na Syberię
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Szymbark, Kaszuby
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