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83-300 Kartuzy
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The Kashubian Museum in Kartuzy

The Kashubian Museum in Kartuzy is one of the most important museums in Kashubia. Its own history goes back to before World War II, when Franciszek Treder already presented his collections during temporary exhibitions. The permanent exhibition at the museum however was opened only in 1947, in a building that previously housed the local branch of the security service. The exhibition takes up two floors and the cellar, covering topics like farming, household equipment, pottery, fishing, furniture, folk art, bridal dowry, or Kashubians and Carthusians. The museum prides itself among others of the oldest piece of fabric in Poland, dating from the Neolithic era. It is a mat made of wicker and bast. Especially precious is also the collection of 18th-century bonnets with silver and golden embroideries. The museum and its founder Franciszek Treder have been awarded many prices for their work dedicated to Kashubian heritage. In 2001 the museum was added to the National Register of Museums. The museum has about 20,000 visitors each year.