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The Botanical Garden in Gołubie

Situated within the borders of the Kashubian Landscape Park, the Botanical Garden in Gołubie is the fruit of hard work of its private owners. Covering an area of 2.12 hectares, the park is home to over four thousand species of plants from Pomerania and all over the world - including 150 rare and protected species. The park is divided into themed sections. Apart from an ecology-themed section there are separate sections for medicinal plants, ornamental plants, trees, and plants typical of buffer strips. The park is an official member of the Council of Botanical Gardens in Poland and the Polish Association of Botanical Gardens. The site was first turned into a park in 1935. From 1971 this park was slowly turned into a botanical garden, which first opened its gates for visitors in 1983.

An important aspect of the park is the scientific work conducted here, including a complete documentation of all species, phenological observations, and research on the adaptation of foreign species. Educational work done at the park centres mainly on the spreading of environmental awareness but also of general botanical knowledge. The botanical garden is meeting point for all kinds of environmental groups. It is open from 15th April till 30th October.

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